Resolve Intune 401 and 403 errors

Are you constantly getting 401 and 403 errors in Microsoft Intune (Endpoint Manager) while trying to set it up?

All this, despite you being a global administrator for your domain?

After a while of searching for the answer, trying to set up MDM and starting to wonder if I’d need that Azure AD Premium license after all, I found the relevant article on the Microsoft documentation pages:

In short, you’re going to have to activate “Basic Mobility and Security” before you can start your configuration. You can find the activation page here:

Once there, click the button to enable and wait for a while. On our test tenant with ~5 accounts this took less than a minute, but on larger tenants it might take a bit longer to activate. Some reports say it might take up to a couple of hours.

In case you want professional assistance with configuring Intune, Microsoft/Dynamics 365 or Azure Active Directory feel free to send us an email!

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