Protect your infrastructure and devices against threat actors

What is cybersecurity?

The field of cybersecurity is the practice of ensuring that no unauthorized parties are able to get into your environment and perform malicious actions.

With the increased world tension, and multiple state-sponsored hacking groups active all over the world, good cybersecurity is more important than ever. We can help you achieve a secure environment, consistent and immutable backups and are also able to assist with recovery if the worst has already happened.


Cybersecurity threat actor

Cybersecurity Principles

These are some of the areas in cybersecurity that are important to focus on while securing your environment

Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR systems monitor your entire environment, analyzing traffic patterns and events to quickly root out any suspicious activity and lock down any affected systems or accounts

Persistent Backups

Ensure that your data is not only present in one copy, but multiple copies distributed over different types of hardware and geographically to ensure retention in the face of attacks or natural disasters

Email Security

Secure your outgoing emails to ensure no threat actor will be able to send fraudulent emails on your behalf. Monitor your incoming emails to ensure malicious content never reaches your inbox.

Physical Security

Access control, access logging and surveillance are important components to ensure that only your employees are able to access your physical office and computer hardware

Incident Response

Be ready to act when a threat is detected to quickly root out and block the attackers from entering sensitive areas of your network. Ensure that no sensitive data is exfiltrated,

Security Policy

Ensure that you have policies in place to limit access to systems and software by mandating multi-factor authentication, secure passwords and hardware tokens or smart cards where needed

Protect yourself against ransomware

Ransomware has been a rising threat in the last few years, crippling large businesses and governments. There are a few important components to successfully averting, or handling a ransomware attack

How can we help?

We have many years experience in cybersecurity, and are able to assist you in preventative measures to secure your environment, ensure backups happen regularly and are verified and tested and that measures are in place to lock down sections of your network in case of attack

If the worst has already happened, and someone is inside your network, we can help you restore as much as possible and to make sure your network goes back up with increased security and added monitoring

Do you want to learn more?

Feel free to send us a message with a short list of requirements, and we’d be happy to help you get started!