Integration and Automation

Don't waste precious resources and start automating your daily tasks

What is Integration and Automation?

Integration is the practice of linking computer systems together for the exchange of data. This can for example be connecting your support inbox to a ticketing system, your sales inbox to your PSA tool or even connecting your ticketing system to an AI tool to give users automated responses.

Automation frees up time and does day-to-day operations automatically, like extracting data from incoming invoices and feeding the expiry dates into your accounting software.


Integration and automation

What are the benefits of automation?

Automating processes and communication between systems can benefit your business in many ways

Free up time

When automating away tedious day-to-day tasks, this frees up time for employees to sell more of your product, help more customers or even relax and take a break to recharge


Computers are built to be perfect, and will perform the same task in the same way each time. Minimize human error and delegate the numbers to the machines


Does copying all those numbers inbetween Excel sheets take time, or do you have to manually copy your hours from your time tracking to your billing system? This could happen at the click of a button

Process Automation

Process automation takes your existing business processes and completes the steps individually and in sequence to ensure consistent and speedy results

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We have been working with automation for many years, and have helped many businesses achieve automated processes for increased productivity

By partnering with us, we can help you get started with automating your daily tasks so that your employee time can be better utilized

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